The Korean Society of Art Theories 2019 Autumn Symposium
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The Korean Society of Art Theories 
2019 Autumn Symposium

Date: September, 21st(Saturday), 2019

Place: SEMA Hall at the Seoul Museum of Art

Co-Hosts: The Korean Society of Art Theories, Seoul Museum of Art


The Korean Society of Art Theories aims to create an environment for the reestablishment of the value and utilization of cultural heritage that considers recent societal changes and demands. Cultural heritage functions as an intermediary between contemporary society and history. It is significant in its role of heavily influencing the formation of identity for all members of society. The 2019 Autumn Symposium, “Reframing the Publicness: towards future-oriented use of cultural heritage,” is a study on the changing concept of ‘cultural heritage’ that was first developed during the modern period. Emphasis is placed on the cultural differences between countries and their corresponding histories of preservation policy for their respective cultural heritage. These topics in combination with the issue of determining the future approach to the utilization of cultural heritage are core themes addressed in the symposium.

Another subject of discussion is the use and preservation of cultural heritage as well as the modification of the way we approach related issues. This aspect of discourse is in consideration of an important element in contemporary society?the formation and possession of culture in addition to the growing role of the individual in a period of consumption. In the present era of strong hyper personalization and customization, the concept of the Publicness?in regards to the maintenance and preservation of cultural heritage?is being redefined. The new and growing idea of the Publicness is to support the active choice and participation of the individual over traditional notions of appropriateness and intention. Thus, the academic symposium is an opportunity of introspection to reevaluate the Publicness in cultural heritage within the framework of a contemporary society that is fast-growing in technological development, transforming communication systems and a more inclusive category of cultural heritage. These topics also segue into the symposium’s intent to provide a space for larger conversations to take place regarding the future plans for cultural heritage and how it will be both utilized and sustained.



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