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The Local Art in the Age of Globalized Biennials
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In their recent book Biennials, Triennials, and Documenta: The Exhibitions That Created Contemporary Art (2016) Anthony Gardner and Charles Green point out how the world saw the resurgence of art biennials after the global crisis of economic meltdown in 2007 and 2008. In creating networks for international tourism, the return of this global event, they argue, evokes the sense of nostalgia in harking back to the way in which the Grand Tour projected an image of cultural and artistic genealogy uniting and promoting Europe in the nineteenth century. In a more global scale, major cities in Asia now all aspire to become the next hub of artistic and cultural innovations and exchanges by hosting international contemporary art exhibitions.

What is surely an opportunity for global recognition at various levels from tourism to local industry, this new boom of biennials also fosters challenging new scenes in which local cultures and artistic styles are brought face

to face with the possibilities of international arts and trends. Thus the following questions arise: what does the notion of locality mean for biennials and even for contemporary art? Are art biennials are helpful for contemporary art to become more global? Or do these international events create riskier environment for local arts and artists? At a more fundamental level, do you think that international art scenes somehow weaken the way in which we think about local and global as binary opposites? If so, what are the benefits and/or shortcomings of such cultural or epistemological challenges?

The Korean Society of Art Theories invites papers to be presented at the symposium titled "The Local Art in the Age of Globalized Biennials" and published in the Journal of Art Theory and Practice in English. The length of

presentation will be 20 minutes. Papers will not exceed more than 15 pages (letter size 11, double spaced) including footnotes. The submission is due on September 1st, 2017.

If any question, Please email us or visit our website at for more information.
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