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Symposium: Re-writing the Classical
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Classics or classical studies is the organic study of classical antiquity that also involves defining roles and responsibilities for contemporary society and culture.

Re-reading the Classical, Colloquium 6 April 2018, reviewed interpretations, creations, and influences of artworks through the cross-medium selection of the historical period.

Now and next Symposium titled Re-writing the Classical we want to deepen the knowledge through cases beyond interpretations, not only their “originality” but also “autobiography” and new extension of meanings in the post period.

"Reading" and "writing" on the classics is inseparably linked and offer new approach to Art constructing and reconstructing the History of Art. Especially, while the revaluation of the past and the new cultural perspectives are mixed, the Classical create relative influence of cultural identity.

The Korean Society of Art Theories Fall Symposium dedicate to analyze the role of the Classical in the Western and Eastern culture through revaluation of history, art education, and artistic works that enlarged up the creative dimensions.

The Korean Society of Art Theories publishes academic articles in English and Korean. It publishes two issues for year and contains a thematic section, a miscellany, notices and reviews.


We invite proposal for The Korean Society of Art Theories Fall Symposium and encourage researchers and experts from various sectors such as art history, aesthetics, museum studies and education in Art.


The deadline for the submission of the articles is the 1st of October, 2018

Selected articles will be published in the 26th issue of the journal scheduled for the end of the year 2018.

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