KSAT Mission

To the members of the Korean Society of Art Theories (KSAT) and the visitors of the KSAT website, greetings.

The Korean Society of Art Theories, which was founded in 2003, has contributed to the advancement of the academic discipline of art through fostering and enriching the academic conversation and discourse between art theory and practice, as well as through promoting active exchange of interdisciplinary research. We aim to embrace multifaceted subjects of discussion in art theory, thus advancing and expanding interdisciplinary research, and galvanize an academic exchange that is open to a global environment by actively engaging with the recent work of foreign scholars. By organizing domestic and international conferences annually, KSAT provides a forum for debate that is both specialized and far-reaching in its active pursuit of creative thinking and applications in contemporary art theory and practice. 

KSAT also biannually publishes The Journal of Art Theory and Practice , an peer-reviewed journal, which is registered as an accredited journal in the KCI(Korea Citation Index) of the National Research Foundation of Korea. This journal gives platform for a diversity of scholarly discussions across different periods and geographies, and fosters critical perspectives in thinking about today’s art practice and discourses. 

KSAT has played an important role in promoting and educating the theories and practices of art both at home and abroad. We thank to the members of KSAT for their continual support and active participation.

Cho, Eunjung
The Eighth President of the Korean Society of Art Theories.
Professor, Department of Visual Arts
Mokpo National University



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