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The Journal of Art Theory & Practice is a peer-reviewed publication, affiliated with a professional society called The Korean Society of Art Theories in South Korea (www.
The Journal of Art Theory & Practice is a scholarly journal which supports and promotes the study of the art. The journal is committed to studying art historical, theoretical, and practical scholarship, in its institutional and conceptual foundations, from the past to the present day in all areas and all periods.
We welcome submissions from art historians, historians, critics, curators, and other art scholars and professionals. The interested contributors are highly encouraged to submit their manuscripts/papers to the executive editor via e-mail at Please simply put ‘The Journal of Art Theory & Practice’ in the subject box during submission via e-mail.
Each paper published in The Journal of Art Theory & Practice is assigned a DOI® number, which appears beneath the author's affiliation in the published paper.  

Instructions for Authors

1. Please send a completed article and a Submission Form (which you can download below this web page) to the chief editor email at Articles in English or Korean language only will be considered.
2. The submitted articles must have been neither published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. The article content should deal with academic issues relevant to Art theory & practice.
3. Categories: Articles, Book/Exhibition Reviews, Introduction to Primary Sources, etc.
4. Keywords: When submitting articles, the author should also provide a list of less than 5 keywords in English.
5. Abstract: The abstract should be written in English and no less than 200 words.
6. Framework: The article should consist of contents and references, etc. Follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
7. The average article length is between 5500 and 6000 words inclusive of notes and bibliography; all submissions should be accompanied by a 150 word abstract and about 7 key words.

8. Authors: When there is more than one author, the first author should be the lead author, and corresponding authors can be appointed.
9. Authors will be notified by the end of April or October regarding the status of their paper by email.
10. Guideline for images:
1) Please provide images in a separate file; It is the responsibility of the author to supply all necessary images to the correct specification - 300dpi black and white scans, jpeg - and to obtain copyright permission to reproduce the images they wish to use in their article. This permission must be for online reproduction. We cannot reproduce any images without this permission (permission may be in the form of an email, but in all cases must originate from the copyright holder);
2) All images should be submitted with the following information as a list at the end of the article titled CAPTIONS.: image number, artist’s name, title of work - in italic, date of work, media, dimensions, collection (or place of exhibition); Indicate in your text the approximate place for an image to appear thus: [Image 1]
11. The journal is published twice a year in web, July 30 and December 31.
For any additional information, please contact with the executive editor at

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